MOHS Surgery

 American Society for Mohs SurgeryDr. Bookout is a Fellow of the American Society for Mohs Surgery. Dr. Bookout performs Mohs Micrographic surgery, a precise surgical technique used to treat skin cancer, for her patients. Dr. Bookout performs Mohs surgery in her office using a local anesthetic. Mohs surgery is most commonly used to treat basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. During Mohs surgery, layers of cancer-containing skin are progressively removed and examined microscopically until only cancer-free tissue remains. 

The goal of Mohs surgery is to remove as much of the skin cancer as possible, while removing minimal surrounding healthy tissue. Mohs surgery is an improvement to standard surgery as Mohs surgery allows Dr. Bookout to verify that all cancer cells have been removed at the time of surgery. This increases the chance of a cure and reduces the need for additional treatments or surgery. Once the cancer has been removed, Dr. Bookout and the patient decide whether to allow the wound to heal naturally, to repair the wound surgically in her office, or enlist the services of a plastic surgeon.